Experimental tests of the impact of a hen eggshell

In this work by J. Marcé-Nogué, M.A. Pérez and LL. Gil  -from the research group LITEM (http://www.litem.upc.edu/) of the BarcelonaTech (http://www.upc.edu/) – an impact test of the crash of a hen egg has been studied to determine the different types of failure occurred.

The test procedure consists in releasing the egg from a height which determines the incident kinetic energy and hence the incident velocity. Tests were performed by crashing the specimens on a rigid support. To evaluate the impact damage resistance, specimens were dropped from height levels varying in the range from 50 to 1500 mm. Prior to each test, specimens were geometrically characterized and its mass was determined. After each test, the thickness of the shell has been measured. With the aim of visualize the impact event details, a high-speed camera MotionBLITZ Cube4 were used. The camera recording frequency was 1878 Hz, which represents a time resolution of 529 μs per frame. Recording results allows identifying the initiation and propagation of the failure modes.

The videos of the Impact test can be found at:

This data is from the work “Computational and Experimental Approach of the Phenomenology in the Impact of a Hen Eggshell”  by Jordi Marcé-Nogué, Marco A. Pérez, Lluís Gil, Bernat Vila, Josep Fortuny, Albert G. Selles and Àngel Galobart presented in the ICCM 2013 – International Conference on Computational Mechanics, that will be hold in Prague July 8th  of 2013.



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