Computational mechanics in vertebrate palaeontology in LUT


After a few weeks of work with the researchers of the Laboratory of Machine design in the Lappeenranta University of Technology improving vertebrate models, this thursday June 20th a talk abut “Computational mechanics in vertebrate paleontology” will be done.  In the talk I will present the research group LITEM (Laboratory for the Technological Innovation of Structures and Materials) and what we are doing in the field of materials and structures. After the presentation of the group, In particular, I will focus on the biomechanical research concerning vertebrate structures and how computational mechanics (in particular Finite Element Analysis) is used. I will show the works on the feeding mechanisms in ancient amphibians (from the family of the Capitosaurs) and how the same methodology can be used in others families as bovid and armadillos. The current work focused on developing 3D models of current amphibian and crocodiles to correlate them with this ancient amphibians will also be presented.


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