Computational modeling of electromechanical propagation available online

The paper “Computational modeling of electromechanical propagation in the helical ventricular anatomy of the heart” by J. Marcé-Nogué, G. Fortuny, M. Ballester, F. Carreras and F. Roure and published in Computers in Biology and Medicine is available online at the url:

The classical interpretation of myocardial activation assumes that the myocardium is homogeneous and that the electrical propagation is radial. However, anatomical studies have described a layered anatomical structure resulting from a continuous anatomical helical disposition of the myocardial fibers. To further investigate the sequence of electromechanical propagation based on the helical architecture of the heart, a simplified computational model was designed. This model was then used to test four activation patterns, which were generated by propagating the action potential along the myocardial band from different activation sites.

Keywords: Myocardium; Fibers; Helical myocardial ventricular band; Electro-mechanical sequence; Activation; Action potential; Cardiac mechanics1-s2.0-S001048251300190X-gr5


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