New edition of “Introduction to biomechanical computer simulation”


A new edition of “Introduction to biomechanical computer simulation” (Digital modelling and Finite Element Analysis applied to Biosciences) will be done during January 2014 in Hostalets de Pierola (Catalonia). The course is organized by Transmitting Science.

Finite Element Analysis (FEA) is a great tool for biologists, palaeontologists, doctors, veterinarians, and other biosciences specialities in which researchers face questions about biomechanics of living and extinct organisms. In this course, there will be an introduction to the Finite Element in order to modelling biological structures and understand how they worked. It will cover all the steps involved in FEA (for static analysis) starting from the creation or reconstruction of the model, how to define the material properties of biological structures, the use of a consistent Mesh Generation Methods and finally, how understand the results obtained in a computational simulation.


Instructors: Dr. Josep Fortuny (Institut Català de Paleontologia Miquel Crusafont, Spain) and Dr. Jordi Marcé-Nogué (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, Spain). More information and fees at or writing to Event Facebook :


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