Workshop in Biomechanics and Functional Morphology in January

In January I will be teaching in the workshop “Introduction to Functional Morphology and Biomechanics” (4th Ed) in Catalonia (Premises of Sabadell of the Institut Català de Paleontologia Miquel Crusafont (ICP)). It will be from Monday 11th to Friday 15th January 2016 and will be taught for Dr. Richard Fariña, Dr. Pere Ibáñez-Gimeno, Dr. Soledad de Esteban-Trivingno and myself.

This workshop aims to give the participants the ability to use the interdisciplinary approach of biomechanics, especially (but not only) through examples in palaeontology. Simple models based on the basic principles of classical physics will be used to infer the life history of extinct vertebrates.

If you are interested, more info and registration:…/funct-mo…/biomechanics/



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