Attending a conference in New Orleans

This April I attended the American Association of Physical Anthropologists Meeting in New Orleans (USA) where I presented some of my last works in primates morphology and biomechanics and I had the ooportunity to be in the Science March. The works I or my colleagues presented were:
  • Marcé-Nogué, J. et al. “Hard food for stiffer jaws: A comparative Finite Element Analysis of different primate jaws”.
  • Püschel, T.A. et al. “Analyzing the Morpho-functional Consequences of Seed Predation in the Pitheciid lower Jaw using Finite Element Analysis and Geometric Morphometrics”.
  • Pina, M. et al. “Patellar response to knee flexion in the Miocene primates Epipliopithecus vindobonensis and Pierolapithecus catalaunicus”. 
The works presented there are based in the idea that biomechanics and forces are demonstrated to be crucial to understand better the biomechanics of primates correlating with diet, locomotion and evolution depending if we are studying cranial bones or post-cranial. The models in each work were studied using Finite Element Analysis with the background idea of developing new methods to shed light in all of this. The meeting was great, I could attend a lot of talks to learn what other researchers are doing to learn new methods and have new ideas. I could also met old friends, know what they are doing, and I made news, which is always another good reason to attend conferences. And I had few time (but enough!) to visit the city and the surroundings, to hear good New Orleans music and being part of the Science March of the 22th.


2017-04-22 13.10.51

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