Going to the EAVP not only as an attendant

The first week of August I attended the 15th Annual Meeting of the Association of European Vertebrate Palaeontologists (EAVP) in Munich (Germany). I presented my recent join work about biomechanics of the platyrrhine talus with my colleague Thomas Püschel (University of Manchester) where we were studied the biomechanical behaviour of the talus in 40 extant platyrrhine species to test if it was possible to distinguish locomotor behaviours (i.e. suspension, quadrupedalism and leaping). Then, we analysed ten different Miocene fossil samples to compare their stress results with the extant data to infer their possible locomotor behaviours.


But, this was not all my contribution in the conference. Moreover, I was one of the co-organizers of the symposyum “Ecomorphology and functional anatomy in vertebrate palaeontology” together with my colleagues of the Institut Català de Paleontologia (ICP): Josep Fortuny and Soledad De Esteban-Trivigno. This symposium intended to be the meeting point for all functional anatomists and evolutionary ecologists interested in vertebrate palaeontology with more than 20 talks. My talk was included in this symposyum as well the talk of my colleague Josep Fortuny about our join work using Finite Element Analysis (FEA) in current and extanct amphibians and reptiles.

The first day of the conference I was also teaching a four-hours workshop organized by Transmitting Science: “Introduction to Finite Element Analysis”. The workshop introduced vertebrate paleontologists to FEA, which is a great tool to approach problems in biomechanics of living and extinct organisms using digital models.

My works there:

  • Marcé-Nogué, J. [et al.] “Inferring locomotor behaviours in Miocene New World Monkeys: A comparative Finite Element Analysis of the platyrrhine talus” 15th EAVP. Munich (Germany). 2017
  • Fortuny, J. [et al.] “3D Computational Biomechanics Meets Amphibians: Ecomorphology And Evolutionary Implications”. 15th EAVP. Munich (Germany). 2017

And, of course, I took some days off to visit Munich and the most known place in Bayern: The castle of Neuschwanstein!



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